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What is Scaaler?

We started Scaaler as a joint venture to help other companies to scale especially within IOT, AI and automation.



We offer a location in beautiful Arvika, where people can rent a space. This is especially a good deal for the Oslo region, as we are close and are great value.

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We have a wealth of knowledge and experience of how to help start-up companies scale their business model. Are you working on something within IOT, machine learning or industry automation, then we must talk!

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The Lab

We have a lab to test IOT products, or even develop new ones. It is part of our commitment to scaling companies that we invest in or collaborate with.


We arrange a lot of courses and lectures on a wide variety of subjects from business building to machine learning principles.

The Hub

We have a great co-working space where our members can enjoy a creative and productive environment amongst like minded individuals and organisations.

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We invest in companies that we like. In some cases we also offer business support services to help you build as a part of the package.

Why work with us?

Scaaler has been formed by a group of serial entrepreneurs with quite different but very complimentary skillsets. Our collective experience and shared vision is to drive business value in the digital and IOT market space across the Oslo region and the west of Sweden.
Test your ideas and accelerate your business growth

Leverage the depth and diversity of knowledge and experience across our team to get your start-up off the ground or drive your business ideas forward.

Extend your reach

Collaborate with us and through our network to maximise the opportunities for your ideas and business to thrive.
Engage our experts and exploit our lab to validate your roadmap, test and add capacity to your delivery.

Have fun, educate yourself and give back to the community.

These are the key founding ingredients of the Scaaler culture. We all want our local town and the region’s economy to benefit from our efforts, whilst improving ourselves and injecting some fun and creativity into that process. Why not be a part of it?

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