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Consulting services for a connected world

We offer a range of business and technical competences to help accelerate your IOT and digital initiatives, taking them from concept to reality, to operational viability, all with measurable results.  More than that, at SCAALER we are driven to make innovation management an integral part of your business process.

Whether you are a start-up with a creative idea, an established business or a public entity, SCAALER Consulting can help with services, aligned to your unique context and designed to address your specific needs.

Leveraging our location in Arvika, west of Sweden, within the Greater Oslo Region and as a bridge-head into the EU, we combine our in-house skills and wider network, to address a range of disciplines.

Innovation management

At Scaaler we firmly believe that IOT, AI and automation are game changers for enabling innovation.  Traditional, cyclic product/service development strategies can now be transformed into continuous innovation practices, giving businesses greater agility to capitalise on competitive advantage as well as responding faster to competitive, environmental or economic threat.

Blending this vision with sound methodologies and best practice underpins our consulting offering, giving us an edge.   

Business consulting
  • Company set-up

  • Start-up, incubation & acceleration

  • Interreg & EU collaboration

  • Business strategy and planning

  • Operations management and support

Technical consulting
  • Technical strategy and planning

  • Solution and product design

  • Solution and systems architecture

  • Project Management

  • Development

  • Proof of concepts, pilots, operational optimisation

We recognize that your needs may vary from ad-hoc or project specific support through to strategic partnerships - and that these needs may vary over time.  We are interested in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.  So why not talk to us and let’s take that journey together!   

Clients & Projects

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